Powder coating industrial products

Powder Coating Equipment – Everything You Need to Know

The shine of the wheels gives a special gloss and novelty to the whole car. This effect can be achieved not only when buying new wheels, but also during the repair of old ones. There are different paints, varnishes, enamels and powder of various colours for wheels. Which one is worth to choose for your car? Let’s deal with it.

Advantages of powder coating.

Powder paint is the most reliable of all other types, as it has the highest protective properties. This coating copes with corrosion, the action of salts, alkalis, acids, reagents. The paint is resistant to water, heat and any mechanical damage, furthermore, it does not fade. It can be applied to various surfaces such as titanium, steel, various alloys, except aluminium. At the same time, liquid rubber and acrylic paints are prone to scratches. So, now, powder coating is practically devoid of competition, as it combines good prices and excellent quality.

You’ll learn what equipment you need to paint the discs, and at what stages the technology is divided into. The process of powder coating According to its name, powder paint looks like a powder and consists of particles. The presence of pigments in these particles just gives the desired colour. The main feature of the paint is that it gets its quality only when heated up to 200-300 degrees. Therefore, in order to get professional results, you’d better contact specialists. The powder paint is very reliable and resistant to various influences, that’s why the layer of its application is perfectly smooth.

The technological line of the equipment for powder coating of disks should be divided into three areas: Preparatory zone, The area of application of powder materials on the discs, the oven for polymerization of the applied composition. A special transportation system is usually constructed between all these three branches, which eliminates the contact with the surface of the disk and thus increases safety measures and protects against dust.

Step 1. The quality of the preliminary preparation of the surface has a great influence on the result. The preparation includes the following steps: cleaning the surface, degreasing discs, removing all oil stains and the final drying. The minimum set of equipment at this step consists of the following items: air abrasion unit to clean up disk from old paint and rust, wash bath with a degreasing agent, drying chamber.

Step 2. The application of powder paint to the discs is carried out on the special area which is equipped with a filtration system, collecting residual material and powerful ventilation. All these measures allow to work safely and increase the efficiency and the speed of the coating. Two types of paint sprayers are used: electrostatic and turbidostatic. Electrostatic spray guns are more common and popular. Turbidostatic guns are mainly used for coating the parts of complicated shapes, and the procedure itself takes more time.

Step 3. Once the disk is coated, it’s placed into a special oven for polymerization. There, the powder is melted and covers the entire surface of the disks. Power and temperature level largely depend on the size of the chamber and the number of products loaded into it for processing. To make sure that the details are ready it’s better to use an infrared thermometer. The wheel itself needs to go up to 400 degrees.

Bingo! After these 3 steps, you’ll get brand new wheels!