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Powder Coating Guns

When you are either setting up your business for the first time or reinvesting as part of upgrading your current powder coating business, one of the biggest decisions your will need to make is which Powdercoating Gun best suits your requirements.

With so many look a like copies and such a varied price range to choose from it can be difficult to know which powdercoat gun to purchase for your application and budget.

Here at Tema we have tried and tested a great number of units covering most of the brands including copies over the years, however the path has always led us back to two brands the path most trodden as to speak.

If performance and backup matters to you then it would not surprise you to learn that the two leading brands for alloy wheel application in our tests are Sames and Gema.

Both benefit have soft application features with preset funchions, not with standing the capability to easily coat odd shapes and tight area’s