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Alloy Wheels Refurbishment: Powder Coating Vs Spray Painting

When picking a finish for your alloy wheels, you should think about which option will suit you and your vehicle best. Powder coating and spray finishes are both excellent choices, but choosing the right one will benefit you in the long run. This blog will explore powder coating versus spray paint in more detail and discuss the advantages of each finish.

Alloy wheels create a striking aesthetic for the overall look of your car. To keep them looking their best, they need to be protected against the road’s harsh conditions and the constantly changing weather conditions. This is where coating your alloys comes in. Coating them will ensure that they are protected from the elements and goes some way to help protect your alloys from impact damage.

Powder Coating
Powder coating offers the alloy remarkable resilience against wear and tear. It makes the alloy more resistant to harsh weather conditions and heavy-impact collisions that would cause paint to crack or chip. Powder coating is an excellent choice if you are willing to pay a little more for long-term protection for your alloys.

Powder coating also offers complete coverage of your alloy. With the various styles of alloy available, many of them often have areas that are difficult to reach. With this in mind, having your alloy powder coated will ensure that the alloy is fully protected.
The lower environmental impact is another benefit of having your alloys powder coated. As powder coating does not release solvent, it often makes it more eco-friendly when it comes to wheel refurbishments.

Although powder coating may cost more than spray painting, it will last much longer and keep your alloys protected for longer. With this in mind, choosing powder coating could be financially beneficial in the long run. However, the powder coating process can be time-consuming compared to having your alloys spray painted. Still, with the view of longevity, powder coating is an excellent option that is worth the wait.

Spray Paint
Spray paint is another excellent option for your alloys. The great thing about spray paint is that there are a wide variety of colours to choose from. Spray paint also offers a super smooth finish to your alloy, complementing your choice of colour beautifully. The range of colours available allows you to experiment with what looks the best overall on your car.

The initial cost of spraying your alloys is another reason that makes spray paint an attractive choice. Spray painting is a cheaper option when it comes to a finish for your alloys. The only downside is that paint will not last as long as a powder coat. The spray is also prone to fade over time. This doesn’t have to be seen as a disadvantage, however. If you have a lower budget, then spray paint is a good option. When the time comes that they need respraying, you have the freedom to try different colours and see your alloy paint as less permanent and more experimental.

Spray painting does require several coats to achieve the desired effect. Still, the result can be something to marvel at, and at a cheaper price point, it is a smart option for those with a smaller budget. Overall, both options work well. Thinking about your budget will enable you to make the best choice when it comes to choosing a finish for your alloy.

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