Man Repairing Alloy Wheel - wheel refurbishment

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment | Everything you need to know

If your vehicle has alloy wheels, then you will understand why it’s important that we keep them looking their best. Not only can scratched alloy wheels affect the way they look, but they can also decrease the value of the vehicle too. This could be an inconvenience which could have massive impacts if you are looking to sell your car. Luckily if the alloy wheel does get damaged then there is a solution which can make them look brand new again in no time at all.

What is alloy wheel refurbishment used for?

If your alloy wheels have been scratched against the kerb or are showing that they are damaged alloy wheel repair is an effective way to get them back to how they were before. Conducted by a professional repairer who has the skills and equipment to perform the job. The job will get rid of any scratches and scuffs that have developed on the wheel over time. the alloy wheel can only be repaired 1 to 2 times. But the person working on the alloy wheel will be able to advise you best as they will look at the conduction of your wheel.

What does an alloy wheel repair involve

During the alloy wheel refurbishment, the tyres will be completely taken off your vehicle’s wheels. Before any work is completed any existing treatment on the wheels will be stripped to allow for the ultimate bond of the new finish and remove and corrosion.


Can you repair split rims

There are 3 main sorts of split rim wheels the first is a 3 split rim and these can be repaired but this requires breaking it into the 3 sections by the customer prior to the refurbishment. The second sort is 2-piece split rims these can be repaired and broken down into 2 sections then coated and put back together. These cannot be coated in one section due to it not being able to get into the alloy wheel therefore, it won’t last. The last type is cosmetic torn rims these can differ in sort but many with false bolts. These are typically acceptable for repair but may need new bolts.


Do the repaired alloy wheel add value to my vehicle

It all depends on the age of the vehicle and the make and model. In most cases the answer is yes, they can add value to the vehicle this is because the new alloy wheels will improve the appearance of the car so will make it look much newer and fresh. The higher the value of the car and if the car is a sporty model then this will also most likely add more value as these sometimes feature that people look for when they know a bit about cars. Some people have said that their car has been sold a lot quicker due to the fresh appearance of the vehicle alloys.


We hope that this blog has been helpful, and you understand more about alloy wheel refurbishment. If you do have any questions that you would like to ask us, please feel free to contact us on 01604 600581 or head over to our website for our contact us form or a bit more information.