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Tyre Bay

Tyre bay equipment such as tyre machines and balancers are probably the biggest investment in the future of your company, coupled with the fact that it is relied on daily basis time and time again.

Whilst the basic designs of tyre changers and balancers look very similar, there are key factors to consider when determining the capability, reliability and usability of each individual machine, which can be worlds apart. Whilst some brands may represent value for money there is a massive difference between the quality of a cheaper machine manufactured in the East Asia when compared to one built in Europe especially an Italian-built unit.

The Italians have led the way for many years in the manufacturing of tyre changers and balancers, coupled with the desire to produce a quality product. Which has earnt them a good reputation in this field.

All to often factories producing tyre changers and balancers in East Asia have little or no idea what they are producing; their remit has often been to copy a brand as cheap as possible sadly these machines would never have been tested on expensive tyres as used in Europe and the likelihood is that, despite the fact the machine can clamp a 26” rims and be equipped with an assist arm, it is often proved they cannot cope with the stresses applied by such a tyre and often break.

Our philosophy in this case is buy once buy right that is why we only offer quality products that will last the test of time.