B11 Auto Blaster

The B11 shot blasting machine is an automated shot blasting machine which significantly simplifies the blasting process saving labour time to manually blast.

The blasting of the surface can be controlled by a timer for both light blasting and longer periods where the surface requires a longer blast to remove stubborn corrosion. Shot blasting with the S110 media blasting grit corresponds to sandblasting with a 0.2-1.2 polygrit at a pressure of 7 bar, which gives an Alloy wheel rim surfaces a roughness of 28um-35um, which ensures very good adhesion, for example for powder coat application.

The average loading time for a wheel is just 20 seconds, with the average wheel taking just 60 seconds to blast on both faces, highly corroded wheels will take a little between 90 -120 seconds.

The blasting cycle depends on the item to be cleaned and the abrasive used.

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