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Why Is It Important To Use A Spray Booth?

Why is it Important to Use a Spray Booth?

Your car is an extension of your home and it’s important that it looks and feels great. If you’ve noticed a dent or an unsightly scratch it can be heart-breaking. There are options out there to repair small bumps superficially, but it somehow never looks quite as good as a professional job.

What you need is the proper spray equipment to get it looking as good as new.

Everything You Need to Know About Spray Booths

One of the most important things that you’ll need to consider during your spray prep is the spray booth.

What is a Spray Booth?

A spray booth is an enclosed area that allows for the spray painting of larger items without causing overspray onto walls or the floor. It’s also safe for you to use as the air filtration system evaporates the solvents as you work. The car goes inside the spray booth and you can work around it at your leisure.

The extraction pipes also help to remove any dust, insects, or other impurities that might get stuck under the paint if you were spraying out in the open air.

What are the Benefits of Using a Spray Booth?

There’s a reason that professionals use spray booths as common practice – they’re safer, cleaner, and provide a higher-quality finish.

  •       Painting Uniformity

Because you’re working in an enclosed space, the lighting all around the car will be the same. If you don’t have a spray booth, painting outside is a necessity because of the fumes, however, this means that the light will be uneven depending on which way the car is facing. This can create a patchy paint job. The spray booth removes the shadows that you might get on a sunny day and allows you to apply an even coat everywhere.

Some spray booths even come with LED lighting above the car parking bay to easily highlight any spots that you’ve missed.  

  •       Quality Finish

If you’re spraying in an open area, your car will gather dust particles on the surface, especially if it’s sitting out for a while to dry. A spray booth helps to remove any unwanted particles in the air and stops your car’s paint job from becoming bobbly or uneven.

  •       Removes Hazardous Substances

The spray booth comes with a built-in filtration system to extract any dangerous fumes. This makes it much safer to work inside and means you can work on the car for longer periods in one session.

  •       Cleaner Area

The obvious benefit of a spray booth is to ensure the paint sprays across your car. You don’t want bright red paint covering the street or walls around you.

  •       Humidity Controls

Spray booths provide humidity control which you can adjust yourself. This means that you can speed up the drying process if you’re in a hurry, while still ensuring a streak-free finish.

If you’re choosing to respray your car, a spray booth is the most essential piece of spray equipment out there. It’ll save you time and give you the best quality finish while keeping you safe in a controlled environment.

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