Powder Coating Gun

What is Powder Coating?

When it comes to preparing and coating metal surfaces, there are several choices out there that you may well have come across before. Traditional paint, of course, is very likely to be the most common! However, there are many reasons why people choose powder coating over standard paint and coverage. But why is this?

Powder Coating Explained

Powder coating, as the name suggests, is a process through which you coat metal with powder! However, this attaches itself and covers a surface based on electrostatics and heat. Powder coating arrives in a variety of forms, though is commonly available in the form of a polyurethane or acrylic mix.

This is applied in a handful of ways. Generally, you will find that powder coating is sprayed onto a surface and is then treated with heat. This only takes ten minutes or so before the powder fully sets onto the metal. What’s impressive is that this powder will set and bond around the metal you spray it onto, meaning that you get a professional-looking finish. Something you don’t always get with everyday paints and coating!

Why Choose Powder Coating?

Many people choose powder coating over traditional paint for the simple fact that it is thicker and denser than your standard options. The binding quality of the polymer you use will mean that you effectively get more of a protective standard from the get-go.

What’s more, as opposed to painting which can flake and splinter over time, powder coating can be more resilient. More often than not, you’ll be able to just layer a single coat of paint with a powder coat. This is why powder coating is going to save you time and money.

Powder coats tend to be very quick to apply, too. This is because it binds quicker than you might experience with everyday paint. Therefore, you are looking at a great-looking, long-lasting aesthetic that’s going to be durable for years to come – and you won’t have to wait long for it to apply, nor will you have to worry about maintaining it regularly.

In addition to all of this, powder coating also tends to be very eco-friendly. That’s because you’re not releasing as many nasty compounds and chemicals into the atmosphere as you might with spray paint. On top of it all, however, powder coating tends to give you a fantastic range of choice when it comes to colours, patterns, textures – the works.

Choosing Powder Coating

A powder coat is always going to be an appealing option if you need to paint and protect the metal. It may seem easier to just grab a spray can and apply the same old paint finishing time and again. However, a powder coat could save you time, effort, stress, and even money.


For a long-lasting, hassle-free coating solution, you can do far worse than consider powder coating. Why not put down the paint can and give it a try?


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